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AIOD Research Grants - 2008

This summary is intended to provide an overview of the OTC/AIOD Research Grant Process and the steps to be followed in submitting an application.

2008 Research Grants at a Glance

  • Budget and number of Grants: The budget for OTC/AIOD Grants is limited and applications are often ~3 times higher than the Grant volume. Therefore OTC/AIOD is not able to fund all of the research proposals. The number of funded research proposals varies as well, depending on the availability of funds.
  • Members of the Research Committee (RECO) are all active and experienced in the area of orthopedic trauma research. They represent North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • Pre-proposal application: This requires a maximum of 3 pages, briefly summarizing your research idea. After receipt, the pre-proposal will be reviewed in a blinded process by adminstrative members of the RECO in a way that no authors or institutions are visible.
  • Review of Pre-proposals: Each pre-proposal is blindly reviewed by at least 5 members of the RECO and rated and ranked on scientific merit and orthopedic trauma impact.
  • Pre-proposal rejections: Pre-proposals with an average rating of less than 3 (of 5 maximum) will be rejected. The applicants will be informed by letter.
  • Invitations for Full-length application: The successful pre-proposals will be invited to submit a full-length application.
  • Review of Full-length application: The full-length application comprises of up to 12 pages. Each application is evaluated by the entire committee in a non-blinded manner based on: impact on orthopaedic trauma, scientific merit, methodology and feasibility of research team to deliver within budget and time frame. Reviewers with conflicts of interest withdraw themselves from the evaluation process.
  • Successful applications: The highest-rated applications will be offered a Grant contract. Only one Grant will be awarded per institution per year for each category (Research Grant/Young Investigator’s Grant).
  • Unsuccessful applications: All principal investigators submitting full-length applications that could not be funded will be informed and receive feedback.


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