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AADO History

-> Message from the Founding President
-> Symposia - 1992-2002
-> Bioskill Course of Fracture Fixation
-> Council Members - 1999-2002


Message from the Founding President
Prof. Kwok-Sui LEUNG, AADO Founding President, 1992-1998

The First Six Years (1992-1998) of AADO

With the new council being elected, AADO has her 6th anniversary (in 1998). The past 6 years may be a very short time in the development of an international society. Nevertheless, I think it is the time for us to look back critically on what we had achieved and what have not been fulfilled. I hope that with the new leader and the new council, our association can achieve more in the next millennium.

AADO was founded by a group of orthopaedic surgeons that involved in the multicentre clinical trial in the modified Gamma Nail in East Asia in 1992 when we organised the first Locked Nail course in Marriott Hotel. With the friendship built up through the study, we set our goal to promote orthopaedic trauma care in the region with the formation of the association. We managed to organise annual scientific meetings focused on topics in orthopaedic trauma ( Table I ). Through these meetings and the satellite meetings, we had facilitated the exchange of experience and opinion in the clinical practice with many world-class experts. The association also runs regular bioskill training course in fracture fixation. 48 of our members had gone through the course and gained experience through the discussion with the tutors and hand-on practice in the laboratory. We also issued sponsorships to our members to attend trauma courses all over the world ( Table II ). By providing these unique chances to go to different parts of the world, our members obtain many chances to widen their scope of trauma care.

To maintain the dialogue between the association and the members, Newsletter is published three times a year.

In 1997, our nurse chapter was formally established after organising the annual meeting and evening course in 1996. Since then, they have a very active educational program and is one of the very active nursing society. Again, the association issues sponsorships to our nurse members to attend overseas meetings, very dear chance for most of our nursing colleagues.

However, I think there are still quite a lot we can improve on what we have achieved. Like the mission statement of the association: Progress in Trauma Care through Education and Research, we need to consolidate the educational programs in various aspects, to enhance communication among our members, and embark on the support of clinical research programs. We need to extend our activities to other countries. Plans have already been setup to organise activities in China, Japan and India. May I invite you, members of the association, to show your continuous support to the new council and the president. Help to make your association become even stronger and, through its educational and research activities, we can improve further our service to the injured.

In these 6 years, the association becomes more mature and the running becomes more professional although most of the council members are "part-time" who had devoted many hours of their evenings to plan and organise activities for the association. I would like to take this opportunity to send them my sincere gratitude for their contribution to the growth of the association.

Table I - Meetings organised by AADO between 1992 - 1998
1992 International Symposium on Recent Advances in Locked Nails
1993 Biodegradable implants in fracture fixation - with ISFR
1994 First AADO International symposium on Musculoskeletal Trauma - Complex Fractures, one day nurse course
1995 The Science of Intramedullary Nailing
1996 Second AADO International Symposium on Musculo-skeletal Trauma - Biology of Fracture Healing, Spinal and Paediatric Fractures
1997 External Skeletal Fixations
1998 Third AADO International Symposium on Musculo-skeletal trauma - Osteoporotic Fractures, Periprosthetic Fractures and Pathological Fractures, one day nurse course

Table II - Sponsorships for Members
to attend International Trauma Meetings
  1994 1995 1996 1997 1998
AADO Hong Kong       12 10
AIOD Strasbourg 2 10 13 7 5
Edinburgh Trauma Meeting   3 10 5 7
European Trauma Meeting         7
ISFR         1
Japan Fracture Society       4  
OTA North America       1 6
Sicot     5    
AIOD Course for OR Nurse     2 5 5
Cast Workshop for Nurses       3  
Nurse Course in Minneapolis         3
Total 2 13 30 38 44




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