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AADO Certificate Course in Orthopaedics & Traumatology for Nurses (Class 7) -
August 02, 2001 - March 21, 2002

The course has been finished on 21 March 2002 which included 16 lectures and a field visit. The lectures were held in the Orthopaedic Learning Centre (OLC), which equipped with advance audio-visual facilities. We aimed at training up the Orthopaedic nurses, providing advanced professional knowledge and expertise which allow him/her to actively involve in day to day clinical management of musculo-skeletal injuries.

All student attended at least eighty percent of the lectures and those passed the written examination were awarded with a certificate of achievement. There were 94% students passed the examination and the top three students were awarded with a book coupon of HK$1000.


This course was accredited by the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses (NAON) since last year. All students could claim a maximum of 38.4 hours credit of continuing nursing education.

Apart from the lecture, two Enhancement Hands-on Workshops have been added to complement the training aspect of clinical area for nurses working in ward and operating theatre. In order to provide a high quality education and training environment, the Bioskill Laboratory in OLC provides saw bones, instrumented practicals with high technology facilities for multimedia teaching.


Workshop I was consisted of the knowledge and techniques in setting up the traction devices. Furthermore, it provides detailed knowledge and practical skills in performing physical assessment of upper and lower limbs. We emphasized on small group discussion and return demonstration through skill practice. The X-ray interpretation session enabled students to have the fundamental knowledge in radiological investigation. These sessions were fruitful and delivered clinically relevant experience to meet the growing demand for education in the rapidly developing and exciting field of musculo-skeletal medicine and surgery.

In Workshop II, students were exposed to various instruments include external fixators, intramedullary nailing, etc. with lectures and demonstrations. They were given the opportunity of hands-on exercise, so each would have one's own turn on every procedure by using saw bones. They found such an experience invaluable.

Feedback from the students were highly encouraging with mostly 'very good' and 'excellent' ratings in major areas of content and organization. There were still rooms for improvement especially about the arrangement of discussion time. Constructive advice from both the students and speakers were highly appreciated.

Throughout the 8-months period, students acquired the theoretical knowledge and practical skills and were able to acquire knowledge in his/ her clinical area to provide a high quality care to client with musculo-skeletal trauma. We would like to thank the course co-cordinators (Ms. Jessica Chan, Ms. Joyce Lai, Ms. Mei Fun Hui and Ms. Mei Chee Wong), our President, Dr. W.Y. Shen, Course Advisors, Dr. Paul Tse and Dr. S K Kou, Director of OLC, Prof. K.S. Leung, the speakers, workshop instructors and facilitators for their effort and continuous generous support on this educational and training program.


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