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AADO Asian Fellowship Programme 2012
Final Report from Dr Shekhar Singa
13 August – 07 September 2012


It is a report from Dr Shekhar Singa, one of the successful applicants of AADO Asian Fellowship Programme in Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Hong Kong, who had a visit there on 13 August – 07 September 2012



I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work as a Trauma Fellow at Queen Elizabeth Hospital under Dr. Shen. All the doctors and staff members were very co-operative during my training and making my stay and period of fellowship comfortable. . It was a wonderful and enriching experience both professionally and personally. I commend the trauma team of Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Hongkong, headed by Dr WY Shen for rendering ideal management to all of their patients.

Among the things I have learnt from Dr. Shen are his astute planning skills and his commitment that every patient must get the best possible result. The thought and effort he puts in treating each and every case and his keenness in improving upon his set of tricks and techniques is indeed inspiring. I have learnt many new techniques and practical tips in managing fractures .
What impressed me most was the meticulous operation-theatre time-management and impeccable completion of procedures within minutes after start. This was obviously possible with the cumulative and focused efforts of the medical and paramedical staff. In the operation theatres, I observed the vigour, discipline, team-work and promptness in working pattern of the nursing staff and technicians. I think coordination among all individuals working in the team of a skilled surgeon is the key to saving the precious operative time.

The presentations by Dr Shen were very educational, concise, direct to the point, and opened my mind to different possibilities in patient management, and answered many questions which were wandering in my mind for long.

The electronic system used for record maintenance, preoperative planning, post operative analysis and data retrieval was very impressive ,from this I learnt the value of good record keeping as a tool to learn from our mistakes. There was a plan to introduce the same system in our hospital, but many questions were raised, but now i understand the importance of this system.

What Dr Shen introduced to me is " PLANNING & INNOVATION"
There is nothing to criticise about the programme, but healthy criticism is must for further innovation and development, so if fellows can be engaged in some research related activity, it'l be an additional feather in the programme.

I would also like to thank my mentor Dr Mohammad Yamin and other consultants, who allowed me to come here for this fellowship.

Finally, i would like to thank Dr KB Lee, Dr Ivan Ip, Dr Gary Yip ,and other team members who very friendly from the beginning and helped us whenever needed. I would like to extend my gratitude to Ms Terry Leung and the hostel staff in making my stay as comfortable as possible.
I'l return from Hong Kong with fond memories, enriched experience and also many new friends ( Dr Pia Qinones, Gloria, Jeffery, Oroiol). I am overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people of Hong Kong who have welcomed me with open arms.

I fell grateful to AADO team and its members.


Dr Shekhar Singal




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