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AADO Asian Fellowship Programme 2016
Report from Dr Sandeep Patel

January 4-29, 2016

It is a report from Dr Sandeep Patel , one of the successful applicants of AADO Asian Fellowship Programme in Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Hong Kong, who had a visit there on 28 January 4-29, 2016.


I would like to thank AADO for providing an opportunity for their members to apply for such a well defined fellowship program in Trauma at Queen Elizabeth Hospital under the guidance of a wonderful teacher Dr Shen. After consecutively applying for 2 years, I got selected for the fellowship Program for the January 2016 session.

The fellowship coordinator ensured that all the formalities for the fellowship were smoothly and timely carried out. The communication with previous fellows also helped me in planning my trip and stay in Hongkong. Hongkong is a beautiful city with lots of destinations to explore which we can comfortably explore during the free weekends.

In this fellowship, we get an opportunity to see a variety of cases being operated by one of the best orthopaedic team. I was amazed by their efforts they put in pre planning and to ensure their execution to achieve fine results. The standards they maintain are pretty high. The entire Operation theatre complex and the orthopaedic OT facilities and instruments are quite appreciable. The quality of the technicians, nurses and paramedical staff is also high which ensures smooth functioning.

The cases which I saw varied from a lot of gamma nails (they operate about 700 gamma nails a year!), Periprosthetic fractures, complex intra- articular fractures, Proximal humerus nailing for 2-3 part fractures and much more. The foot and ankle team does a lot of work and I got a chance to see their techniques in operating calcaneus fracture by arthroscopy and CRIF with k- wires. Hallux Valgus correction, lisfranc injuries, Ankle instability, ankle arthroplasty, Tendo-Achilles repair are some other procedures which I got to see. I was also lucky as there were almost 9 pelvic fractures which I got to see. Dr Lee does a lot of navigation assisted pelvic fracture fixation which is a treat to watch. Their protocol of managing unstable patients with pelvic fractures with pelvic packing+ external fixation +_ angio embolism is something to learn and appreciate.

Dr Shen is an amazing teacher who challenge the contemporary thinking and infuses us with new ideas and their logic. Interaction with him was the best part of fellowship and I could learn a lot of new concepts and tricks in trauma. His new technique of fixing distal tibia fracture through Postero-lateral approach and plating is a treat to watch (got to see 2 cases). The PowerPoint presentations which Dr Shen has prepared for all his fellows is very informative, challenging and summarising of his approach and concepts towards various fractures.

The overall experience in Hongkong was good and I enjoyed the fellowship program and I highly recommend this fellowship to all aspiring trauma surgeons.

Dr Sandeep Patel



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