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AADO Asian Fellowship Programme 2011
Final Report from Dr. Naveen Tahasildar
14 Sep - 07 Oct, 2011

It is a report from Dr. Naveen Tahasildar , one of the successful applicants of AADO Asian Fellowship Programme in Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Hong Kong, who had a visit there on 14 Sep - 07 Oct, 2011.


I am delighted to report my experience as a Trauma Fellow in Queen Elizabeth Hospital from September 11 to October 7 2011. First of all, I would like to thank my mentors at PGI (Chandigarh) - Prof M S Dhillon, Dr Vijay Goni, Prof R Sen, Dr Sameer Aggarwal, Dr Sudesh Pebam and Dr Sarvdeep Dhatt.

To begin with, I deeply appreciated the co-operation extended by the AADO secretariat and Ms Terry Leung in particular, in adjusting my fellowship dates and allowing me to attend the SICOT 2011 conference. The elegance and speed with which the VISA processing was executed was remarkable.

I landed in Hongkong on September 11, 2011. Hospital Quarters were reserved well in advance and were quite spacious & comfortable. On the first day, I received a warm welcome from Dr Shen at the C3 ward. I was moved by the great gesture shown by a person of his stature. I was introduced to the whole trauma team which included Dr KB Lee, Dr Gary, Dr Edmund, and Dr Adam. The whole team was very friendly and made me feel an integral part of their group.

We had 4 operating days a week and Wednesday was reserved for out-patient clinic. The routine on an operating day started with a pre-operative planning session in ward C3 at 8 am sharp. All the cases to be operated would be discussed in detail, in the presence of the whole trauma team, which would lead to interesting debates and a fruitful conversation. Dr Shen has a huge collection of power point presentations and he ensures that you learn every bit of the tricks that he has mastered over time. The major volume of cases here is made up of geriatric hip fractures. It was a great experience in the operating theatre and I learnt a lot of new tricks in operating hip fractures.

I had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the trauma symposium organized during the 1st week of October. I was completely impressed by Dr KB Lee's presentation on management of hemorrhage related to pelvic fractures. Primary Resuscitation in a well equipped operating theatre and the triple pronged approach for controlling hemorrhage (External fixator for cancellous bleed, extra peritoneal pelvic packing for venous bleed and arterial embolisation for arterial bleed) makes a lot of sense. This approach has significantly reduced the mortality rates at this hospital.

Finally, I thank the wonderful staff at N- Block, who were so kind and compassionate. Overall it was a great experience and I would thoroughly recommend this fellowship to my colleagues.

Dr.Naveen Tahasildar



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