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AADO Asian Fellowship Programme 2017
Report from Dr Mayur Nayak

21 Aug - 17 Sep 2017


It is a report from Dr Mayur Nayak, one of the successful applicants of AADO Asian Fellowship Programme in Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Hong Kong, who had a visit there on
21 Aug - 17 Sep 2017


I am highly grateful to AADO for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to undergo a comprehensive 3-week trauma fellowship programme under Dr W Y Shen in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong. This 3 weeks has been a period of profound academic learning for me. This fellowship gave me a clinical perspective to look at Orthopaedic trauma which is different from traditional teaching and practice which we are used to.

I arrived at Hong Kong on 27th August and it was quite comfortable to reach Queen Elizabeth Hospital, thanks to instructions provided by AADO office. My first meeting with Dr Shen was in the OT where he made me familiar with the OT complex and introduced me to the other operating surgeons as well, so that I could observe their cases.

The traumatology department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital deals with variety of fractures with sizable number of cases being operated every day. The entire OT complex, orthopaedic OT facilities and instruments are very advanced and appreciable. The technicians, nurses and paramedical staff are also highly trained which ensures smooth functioning. I was fortunate to interact and observe Dr Shen, who is the senior most orthopaedic surgeon at QEH. I am highly impressed with the digital patient record system including radiology of patients. The operation days used to be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We got the opportunity to observe variety of cases such as polytrauma, navigation assisted MIS pelvi-acetabular surgeries by Dr Lee, Hemiarthroplasties and cephalon medullary nailing. 

Dr Shen emphasized the advantages of unipolar hemiarthroplasty over bipolar hemiarthroplasty and taught us the meticulous cementing technique and postoperative protocol for geriatric proximal femur fracture. We were called in the Out-Patient department (OPD) on Wednesday after a thorough discussion of some instrumental cases that happened over the week in the grand rounds. It was a delight to see the way Dr Shen’s approach to the patients in the OPD. During OPD I got the opportunity to go through the PowerPoint presentations of Dr Shen which he has planned and prepared for his fellows and it covers almost all the aspects of adult Orthopaedic trauma. Despite being an excellent surgeon Dr Shen is a very good teacher as well. He taught us many concepts and surgical tricks explained. I will be grateful to Dr Shen for his contribution in my knowledge of fracture management and his care and love. The stay in the hostel was very comfortable and it takes no time to reach the out- patient department or the operation theatre form the hostel. During the free weekends, I explored lot of destination of the beautiful city Hong Kong. The overall experience of fellowship programme and Hong Kong stay was inspiring and rewarding I highly recommend this fellowship to all aspiring trauma surgeons.
Thank You AADO and Dr Shen for giving me this opportunity


Dr Mayur Nayak






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