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AADO Asian Fellowship Program
A Report from Dr. Ashish Jaiman
21 January – 15 February 2008

It is a report from Dr. Ashish Jaiman, a candidate in AADO Asian Fellowship Program, who had a visit to Hong Kong on 21 January - 15 February 2008.

I consider my self fortunate enough to visit this place. Hat’s off for Dr. Shen and his trauma team at QEH.

If I start writing about what I have learnt from this place than that would not be a fellowship report rather it would turn up into a pocket hand book of orthopedic traumatology. Most of us have read what’s there in standard text books, but this training period taught me the basic principle of those procedures.

I have learnt that if someone plans for hours than he performs that surgery in minutes and if someone plans in minutes than he perform that surgery in hours, so its better to plan properly and plan early. Before coming for this fellowship I used to go to the radiology department of my hospital to have a look of CT films to decide about the approach, to decide about the implant, but from now onwards I will also decide about the direction of screws, the length of screws and will decide about each and every technical aspects of a particular surgery.

For consistent good results a surgeon must go through virtual theatre many times before the actual surgery. Each and every surgery has a scope of innovation and thereby better results. On one hand this place taught me that medicine is not mathematics, 2+2 can be or it can not be 4 that answer depends on many more factors, on the other hand I have been persuaded to do mathematical trigonometric analysis in my leisure time so as to be more mechanical.

I was amazed to see that assistants (surgeons/anesthetists/nursing staff/ OT assistants/ - all of them) were one step ahead of the main surgeon, all works in tandem, totally synchronized!

A rare combination of discipline and helpfulness is in each and every staff member of QEH. Performing trauma surgeries quickly and precisely (that too percutaneously) that is what I have learnt this during my short stay at this institute at Hong Kong. A whole new concept/ subject of orthopedic philosophy is developing here, trauma surgeons must watch its development.

Dr. Ashish Jaiman
February 2008



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