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AADO Scholarship 2011 to Orthopaedic Trauma Meetings
(for nurse members only)

Application for the AADO Scholarship 2010 (for nurse member only) to Orthopaedic Trauma meetings is now open. Members with minimum 2 years of membership years will be eligible to apply. Attendance of the following meetings will be sponsored under this scholarship:

  1. NAON 31st Annual Congress
    :: 14-18 May 2011
    :: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    :: http://www.orthonurse.org

  2. CONA 34th Annual National Conference
    :: 05-08 June 2011
    :: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    :: http://www.cona-nurse.org

  3. RCN Society of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing International Conference and Exhibition
    :: 22-23 September 2011
    :: Bristol, UK
    :: http://www.rcn.org.uk/newsevents/event_details/rcn_events/orthopaedic

  4. 5th National Orthopaedic Conference 2011
    :: 27-29 Oct 2011
    :: Brisbane, Australia
    :: http://www.anzona.net

  5. International Course on Locking Nailing and External Fixation Techniques for Nurses and Op-Staff
    :: Early December, 2011 (date to be confirmed)
    :: Strasbourg, France
    :: Email: aiod@wanadoo.fr

Scholarship application is also opened for other meetings held at May – December 2011. Members are required to submit relevant information for approval.

Successful applicants will receive not more than US$1,300 to subsidize their expenses on the following items:

  1. Return economy-class air ticket from city of origin
  2. Course fees
  3. Accommodation during the period of the meeting (basic single room rate and taxes)


  • Application deadline: 27 February 2011
  • Please send the application form either by mail, fax or email to:

      Asian Association for Dynamic Osteosynthesis
    c/o Orthopaedic Learning Centre
    Prince of Wales Hospital
    Shatin, N.T.
      Telephone: (852) 2632-3482
    Fax : (852) 2647-7432
    Email : secretariat@aado.org

  • Please do not send duplicate applications
  • Acknowledge of receipt to those applications submitted through email only
  • Applications will be selected basing on
    • membership year
    • working experience
    • contribution to the Association
  • Successful applications will be announced on this website on 07 March 2011
  • Successful applicants will be notified individually.



Confirmation of Application