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Successful Applicants -
Polytrauma Management Workshop for Orthopaedic Nurses - 7 March, 2004

Confirmation of Application

There are thirty successful applicants. Each successful applicant will be notified by mail individually on or before 01 March, 2004 (Tuesday).

Please call 2632-3482 (Ms. Terry Leung) if you do not get the individual confirmation.

(Updated - 26 February, 2004)

Name Hospital
  Ms. Lo Suk Ling NDH
  Mr. Pang Wai Wah PYNEH
  Ms. Tsang Wai Yi QEH
  Ms. Chim Yin Ling QEH
  Ms. Leung Pui Ha QEH
  Ms. Lai Hang Lin St. Teresa
  Ms. So Oi Ki QEH

Ms. Chan Wai Ching

  Ms. Chin Shuk Man HK Sanatorium
  Ms. Cheung Mei Yan PWH
  Ms. Lee Suk Yee TPH
  Ms. Law Kwok Ching QEH
  Ms. Mak Chiu Chin QEH
  Ms. Leung Chui Ling Lisa Baptist Hospital
  Ms. Wong Chui Shan Kenms YCH
  Ms. Chan Lan Hing Jenny QEH
  Ms. Chow Yee Wan KWH
  Ms. Luk Fung Shan Susanna TKOH
  Ms. Chow Shing Yee TKOH
  Ms. Lai Tung Oi Matilda Hospital
  Ms. Lam Wai Yee Jessie Yan Chai
  Ms. Man Nga Wai QEH
  Ms. Lau Hiu Hung QMH
  Ms. Ho Sau Wa Baptist Hospital
  Ms. Cheung Mei Lan Baptist Hospital
  Ms. Wong Mei Fong Union Hospital
  Ms. Yip Cheung Hai PWH
  Mr. Lok Tsz Ki PWH
  Ms. Chan Ming Huen PWH
  Ms. Ho Wai Yin PWH



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