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AADO / HKSSH Conjoint Scientific Meeting 2019

Trauma Basics: Upper Limb Tendon and Ligament Injury

24 March 2019 (Sunday)

Orthopaedic Learning Centre, PWH, Shatin, N T


Lecture Handouts

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Lecture Session
Tendon and Ligament Biochemistry and Pathology Dr Jeffrey SC Koo
Anatomy, Investigation and Diagnosis of Tendon and Ligament Injury Dr Edmund Yau
Principle of Tendon Repair and Tendon Graft Dr Emily KY Yip
Pre-and-post Operative Nursing Care Mr Wai Kin Ip
Preparation of Patients Undergo Surgery of Upper Limb Tendon and Ligament Injury Ms Karen Law
Physiotherapy Management on Traumatic Upper Limb Tendon and Ligament Injury Ms Daisy Ng
Tendon Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy Perspective Ms Vienna Chu
Physical Examination of Upper Limb Dr Edmund Yau


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