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Successful Applicants

Workshop on Elbow Injury and Associate Complications

AADO / HKSSH conjoint scientific meeting 2008

27 July , 2008

Confirmation of Application

Successful applicants will be notified individually. Please contact AADO Secretariat (Tel: 2632-3482) or by email (secretariat@aado.org) if you do not receive the confirmation letter by 21 July, 2008.

(Updated - 14 Jul, 2008)

Name Hospital Lecture Session Workshop Session
1 Ms. Au Wai Yee QEH Yes N/A
2 Mr. Chan Cheung Ping Clement CMC Yes Yes
3 Ms. Chan Po Ming QEH Yes N/A
4 Ms. Chan Ting Che HK St.John Ambulance Yes Yes
5 Ms. Chim Yee Man YCH Yes Yes
6 Ms. Chun Yan Yan Belinda CMC Yes Yes
7 Dr. Chung Chor Yat Stephen CMC Yes Yes
8 Mr. Fok Shui Lun Felix QEH Yes N/A
9 Ms. Fong Ming Yiu TKOH Yes Yes
10 Mrs. Ho Shuk Fan Flora QEH Yes Yes
11 Dr. Ho Wing Hang Angela CMC Yes Yes
12 Ms. Kwok Wai Yu PWH Yes Yes
13 Ms. Lai Fung Yi QEH Yes N/A
14 Ms. Lai Hang Lin St. Teresa's Hospital Yes Yes
15 Ms. Lam Chi Wing Flori QEH Yes N/A
16 Ms. Lam Hoi Yan QEH Yes N/A
17 Ms. Lam Sai Yan QEH Yes Yes
18 Ms. Lau Ka Po Elise QEH Yes N/A
19 Ms. Lui So Han QEH Yes Yes
20 Ms. Ng Ching Ha TMH Yes Yes
21 Ms. Wan Suet Yee YCH Yes Yes
22 Ms. Wong Fung Yan QEH Yes Yes
23 Ms. Wong Siu Wah Matilda Hospital Yes N/A
24 Ms. Yuen Lai Ping KWH Yes Yes



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