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Nurse Sub-committee
Annual General Meeting, 2006

4th November, 2006


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Association is to be held at the Kai Chong Tong, Post-graduation Education Centre, CUHK, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong, on Saturday, 4th November 2006, at 5:30pm.



  1. Presentation of Annual Report of the Subcommittee
  2. Election of members of the Subcommittee


In accordance with rule 17 of the Articles of Association of the Association, any Member may appoint a proxy at the Annual General Meeting. A proxy nomination form will send to members by mail. A proxy need not be a Member.

Nominations for election to the Sub-committee must be returned to the Secretary two weeks before the date of the meeting.  Nominations are invalid unless the nominee, proposer and seconder have all duly signed on the nomination form that sends to members by mail.